Welcome to Australia 2 See

Australia 2 See enriches lives and aims to expand understanding of our culture through amazing
journeys that deliver style, comfort, substance and most of all an experience. From custom designed
private vacations to luxury safari adventures, from family orientated luxury tours to exquisite
romantic honeymoons. Destinations of legend, adventure and unparalleled beauty throughout
Australia. Experience the highest quality of service and luxury travel with Australia 2 See.
Australia 2 See has been designing experiential travel to the international market since 1997.
I, Josephine Tsaroumis founded Australia 2 See and have never looked back. Anyone can sell Australia
however Australia 2 See provides the ultimate in experiential travel because we care. Awarded the
Small Business Champion Award in Tourism for 2009, and I was personally nominated State finalist
for the Small Business Entrepreneur award in 2009.

Australia 2 See is the only Australian boutique inbound company to provide that authentic Australian
experience selling Australian travel services. Every trip is designed with passion, dedication and
commitment that I share with my clients. We’ve never lost a client to a competitor because
Australia 2 See goes beyond its means to ensure every client receives the best in experience,
quality and service. We’re your private Australian concierge we’ll do what it takes to make your
trip a success.

Australia 2 See remarkable reputation comes from delivering consistent service and our 24/7 emergency number.
We’re committed in providing a trip of a lifetime.

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